How to heat small rooms or outbuildings - cheaply & efficiently

What 'small spaces' are we discussing here?

In the Home

Such as? Any small rooms which it may it may be impractical to heat on a continual basis. Or it may just not be worthwhile to install something more permanent such as radiators / a central heating system. Ask yourself whether it will be worth the time, expense and aggravation to do this is the room in question is rarely used. This may apply to spare bedrooms, toilets or cloakrooms, corridors, a study, utility room or an adjoining garage.

Of course we may not even be talking about a whole room here. It may be an area as simple as a cupboard or a wardrobe.

In the Yard or Garden

There may be very obvious reasons not to install a permanent heating system within your outbuildings. Very often these building won't even be immediately adjacent to your home making any permanent an incredibly expensive and time consuming job. This building may be a shed, workroom or hobby room or other form of storage area.

And as all budding gardeners will know, a heated greenhouse or coldframe provides so many more choices for growing options. So a simple greenhouse heater is invaluable.  It means that plants can be grown all year round - regardless of external temperatures - whatever the season.

Away from Home

So places where you may need a lot of heat but only at certain times - and that have an electric supply. So a caravan or a boat.

Small Commercial Enterprises

We've already mentioned workshops for hobbies or general DIY. But it could be that you run some form of small business from home for which you need a seperate area to work. If not a workshop then it may be an outside study or a building for holding stock, product or finished manufactured goods.

These heating options may also be necessary for other commercial reasons. For instance, if you operate kennels, a cattery or an aviary.

Larger Commercial Sites

Building Sites - for example - will operate all year round regardless of the conditions. With employees on site at thee times it is still necessary to consider their welfare. This means heated toilets, washrooms and canteen / eating areas.

And the Answer?

Well whatever the answer is it has to be economic and it has to be practical. Ideally it needs to be relatively quick to implement.

So the perfect solution is to use tubular heaters. They are certainly inexpensive to buy - especially when compared to the installation of a whole heating system. And even the running costs are low when compared to expensive fuel heaters.

As far as the safety aspect goes, they are so much safer than using flammable fuel. And heater guards are easily obtainable to protect against accidental burns.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the brands on the market and you will see how easy it is to find the correct heater to suit you and your circumstances.